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Student Council

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The VUZF Student Council takes care of the students’ rights and defends all students’ interests. Its activity is based on special regulations, laws and other enactments, related to students’ government and academic autonomy at VUZF.

The VUZF student council consists of a general delegate assembly, a president, vice-president and secretary.

The general delegate assembly of the Student council approves the plan for its aims and perspectives, elects its president and its own representatives into the Academic council and the Department councils of VUZF.
The president of the Student council, on behalf of the whole structure, gives their opinion and introduces prepositions about the development and activity of VUZF, representing it in front of the Academic council of VUZF and some national and international organizations.

The Student council has the right to:

Choose its representatives in the managing structures of VUZF;
Make suggestions for the introduction of additional disciplines in the plan curriculum and the selection of guest lecturers at VUZF;
Organize the creation of student research groups and the publication of their work;
Create and manage its own organizational structures;
Establish different educational, cultural and postgraduate contacts between the students, on national and international level;
Give opinions and suggestions on the development of the sport activity at VUZF;
Participate, through their own representatives, in the organization of the educational process, the supervision and control of the System of quality management at VUZF;
Realize cooperation with academic circles and social organizations in the country and abroad.

The activity of VUZF Student council is financed from the budget of the higher school, as well as from different kinds of sponsorship. Those resources are used for the defense of students’ interests, as well as for cultural, sporting, academic, creative and international activities.

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