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VUZF in TOP 4 in the Bulgarian University Ranking System for 2022

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12 Aug

SMART Youth project

SMART Youth | Strategic Management, Agility and Right Technologies for Youth



Our dream

To raise and cultivate critical and sensible people, who are willing to transform Bulgaria into a better place for living

What makes us different and distinct?

Stay closer to home and get a European degree in Bulgaria; We will provide you with conditions for studying and communication on an EU level; We will help you and the job that makes you happy; We will provide you with lecturers who work today and have a job that you will have tomorrow; We will put you in an atmosphere and will give you access to innovations which are unique and hard to and anywhere else.

We believe that...

What we do changes peoples' lives;

Problems do not exist, only challenges;

Each student deserves to get the best for his/her development;

Our students are the main reason for the development of VUZF;

Each student has their own potential and we are there to and develop it.