About VUZF


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The fact that you are considering to study at the VUZF University makes you a very important person to us. That is why we are treating you like a VIP.
Our support team is committed to helping and supporting you throughout your stay in the VUZF University.
Here are some of the steps that we are going to follow in order to make you feel proud as a VUZF University student.

For you the VUZF University support team:

Periodically conducts surveys among students, concerning the services that you would like VUZF University to provide for you;
Organizes Orientation days for the newly arrived students (students from upper courses are engaged to welcome you);
Provides Student ID Card for various discounts (hotels, restaurants, fitness clubs, fast-food chains, shops, etc.);
Supports a Student Social Club (different from the Student council) – organization of meetings, discussions, workshops, film projections, trips, etc;
Sends greeting cards for you birthday;
Periodically sends information about the various opportunities and services you could take advantage of as a VUZF University student;
Organizes trips in the country and abroad (they can be combined with a conference or seminar attendance);
Creates an easy access to more and more online sources;
Picks international students up from the Sofia airport;
Distributes to the international students a handbook with useful information at their arrival at VUZF University;
Organizes Cultural Diversity Days at VUZF University – students from different nationalities present their specific culture (traditional cuisine, music, dance, etc.).


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