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The VUZF university is proud of its teaching staff - experts from the real business. This strong relationship with the business organizations allows for a very high professional development of the VUZF students. In the curriculum of the students enrolled in the III course a compulsory internship in banking institutions, insurance and social insurance companies, financial institutions and organizations, is enshrined. According to the official data from the National Insurance Institute, 97 percent of the VUZF students fulfill successfully in their profession.

At VUZF, we are taking good care for our students, no matter if they are present or graduated students. It is extremely important for us to follow closely the professional development of our alumni.

This is the exact reason why at VUZF have been created a Center for career development and a Center for continuing and professional training. Both structures aim to support VUZF graduates in order to extend their qualification, as well as to find the most accurate and fulfilling professional realization for them.

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