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Association for career guidance in high schools (AKORVO) is a non-governmental organization, implementing activity for public benefit.

 Goals of the Association:

to contribute to the institutional strengthening and development of career centers in high schools as organization and content of the services;
to coordinate policies on career guidance in high schools and ensure their consistency with the policies of employment, social inclusion, human resources development, regional development, improvement of the living and working conditions; 
to contribute to increasing resource efficiency in the field of career guidance in high schools;
to expand citizens' access to career guidance services and their participation in the evaluation of services and developing strategies for development;
to support the transition of higher education to consumer-oriented education; 
to support the development of education as a system for lifelong learning.

Scope of activity of the Association:
The scope of activity of the Association is the organization of  activities related to the establishment and development of career guidance in high schools, as well as maintaining of social contacts with the aim to increase the level of conviction about the social place and role of career guidance.

Association membership:
Member of the Association may be any institution that provides career guidance activities and development relating to the higher education system.

Members of AKORVO:

Institutional Members:
University of Rousse "Angel Kanchev”, Rousse;
Technical University of Gabrovo;
Agricultural University, Plovdiv;
Medical University, Varna;
American University, Blagoevgrad;
Medical University, Pleven;
VUZF University, Sofia ;
Trakia University, Stara Zagora;
SpecializedHigher School of Library and Information Technology, Sofia;
Higher School "Agricultural College”, Plovdiv;
Bourgas Free University;
National Sports Academy "Vasil Levski", Sofia.

Honorary members:
Among the honorary members of AKORVO there are representatives form:

 13. Business Foundation for Education;
 14. Company "Zemela 2002";
 15.Regional Inspectorate on Education, Sofia;
 16. Association for support of the academic society;
 17. Bulgarian Industrial Association;
 18. Lukoil Neftochim, Bourgas.

Board members:
VUZF University;
University of Rousse "Angel Kanchev;
Business Foundation or Education;
Trakia University.

Headquarters and management of the Association:
The headquarter and the management of the Association are located in the VUZF building in the Center for career development office.
Chairman of AKORVO from 2008 is Prof. M. Dachev, member of the Board of VUZF.

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