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VUZF alumni club

General information:

The VUZF alumni club is part of the structure of the Center for Career Development. The club is administered and assisted in its main activities by the Director of the CCD. The club has its  Council, whose members include representatives of Graduates, the Director of CCPT and a representative of the Board.


The mission of the Club is in line with the mission of the Higher school and aims to bring together graduate students, led by the idea of continuing their ties with VUZF. It aims to make some of its main points more efficient, especially in connection with the business - education relations (contacts with employers, use of innovations in practice, exchange of experience between graduates and students, working together on projects and etc. )

The structure and the activities of the Club are regulated in the Clubs’ Statute.


Members of the Club should have completed BA or MA degree in VUZF. The following  registration form for membership is required: (link to document).

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