The Research Report on “Entrepreneurship Skills”, which is needed in today’s digital world and especially in crisis periods such as the pandemic, has been published!

The "Strategic Management, Agility and Right Technologies for Youth (SMART Youth)" Project, which is carried out by Karadeniz Technical University and includes 6 partner organization from 4 different countries started in December 2020 and will last for two years. The SMART Youth Project is supported by the European Commission under the Erasmus Plus Program (ref 2020-2-TR01-KA205-095914) and aims to develop the entrepreneurship skills of young people, prepare them for the real and digital world market, and create an "Curriculum" for entrepreneurs focused on establishing an agile business that can adapt to possible crisis situations. The target group of the Project are young people and students aged between 18-29 who are interested in entrepreneurship, higher education institutions and organizations operating in the field of youth education and business development.

"Research Report on Needed Entrepreneurial Skills" was prepared in line with the activities of the Project with the contributions of the partners Trabzon Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Bulgaria VUZF University, Romania Galati Dunarea de Jos University and Ireland Letterkerny Institute of Technology which are involved in the Project. Within the scope of the study; online questionnaires on skills related to crisis management and risk prevention, digital skills and other relevant information were conducted to the target group facing crises in the project"s partner countries Turkey, Ireland, Bulgaria and Romania. (110 organizations from 4 countries, including companies, entrepreneurs, business associations and other organizations supporting businesses).

The survey which was formed as a part of the SMART Youth Project, had the purpose to reveal the effect of entrepreneurial skills and abilities during crisis situations, the importance of digital tools utilised by organizations, and the demographic characteristics and other unique factors affecting the organizations investigated. The survey was prepared in an online format and was applied by the relevant experts to the companies operating in their countries, allowing the answers to be collected instantly online. The survey and questions were prepared in English and also in order to ensure the intelligibility of the questions in different countries, they were translated into their own languages by the project partners in the relevant countries. The effects of the factors that may affect the success of the organizations in crisis situations on the company situations were analyzed, and as a result of the analysis, it was concluded that these factors have a significant impact on the company situation in line with the answers given by the sample group.

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