Erasmus policy statement

Erasmus policy statement





VUZF Strategy, Objectives and Priorities in relation to Erasmus + activities and all other activities in the context of the Lifelong Learning Program 2014-2020

The Higher Institution of Insurance and Finance (VUZF) accepts and supports the EU's higher education policy and recognizes the importance of higher education for economic and social development. One of our main goals is establishing and developing academic partnerships at national and European level, combined with participation in multilateral projects in partnership with European and international higher education institutions. The school is a reliable partner for academic cooperation within the Bologna Process and the European Education Area. In regard with this, VUZF participates in the project "National team of Bologna supporters" aimed at promoting the Bologna process and its achievements in Bulgaria, supporting the institutions of Bulgarian higher education in the implementation of the Bologna reforms and improving the quality of Bulgarian higher education.

VUZF's mission is to provide high quality education and prepare well-trained professionals that could meet the needs of the national and European labor market. We believe that working with other European universities through joint participation in EU education programs will help us fulfill our mission, improve the quality of education and improve our governance and administration. VUZF would like to participate in all Erasmus + activities: student mobility and internships, teaching and non-teaching staff mobility, intensive Erasmus + programs, multilateral projects and thematic networks.

Specific activities for visualization of Erasmus + activities and for communicating Erasmus Charter for Higher education

In order for Erasmus + activities to be promoted, periodic information campaigns targeting students and teaching and non-teaching staff, will be organized.

Information regarding the program, the closed and upcoming events will be published on the VUZF website. A copy of this statement and the Erasmus Charter for Higher Education will also be published on the site.

VUZF measures and procedures related to the non-discrimination objectives

VUZF complies with the anti-discrimination principles set out in the Lifelong Learning Program. Equal opportunities are given to each student, teacher and staff member of the VUZF, regardless of his / her age, gender, religion or ethnicity. The school management has taken steps to ensure the integration of people and employees with disabilities. A special platform and elevator have been built so that the access of disabled people at the entrance of the VUZF building is ensured. School toilets are adapted for people with physical disabilities. The VUZF Student Admissions" Regulation states that people with disabilities are exempted from application fees. These and other measures facilitate the access of persons with disabilities to education and training.

Specific measures to guarantee the quality of academic mobility activities:

  1. The VUZF has fully introduced the National Credit Transfer System complying with the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS).
  2. The curriculum information is up-to-date and published on the school's website.
  3. The Erasmus information package will also be completed and uploaded to the VUZF website. In addition to information about the curriculum, it will contain useful information about Bulgaria, Sofia, cultural and national characteristics, and more.
  4. The school meets international quality standards and is ISO 9001: 2015 certified.
  5. VUZF has its own five-floor building, fully equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, computer laboratories and a library complex. The school administration will assist the incoming students in arranging their accommodation.
  6. The school administration responsible for organizing student mobility will assist the incoming students in enrolling in an Erasmus + language course as well as in overcoming the initial language and cultural shock. The VUZF Student Council will assist in the design of a special program of orientation for incoming students to help them adapt to living conditions in their new environment and culture.
  7. The school administration responsible for student mobility will also assist outgoing students. Those wishing to participate in the program will be assisted in the preparation of their training contract, travel arrangements and so on.
  8. Preparatory and refreshing language courses for outgoing students will be organized as needed.
  9. Academic and non-academic staff at VUZF will also be assisted in recognizing time spent abroad as part of an academic career.

Specific measures for ensuring the high quality of student practical training

Partners of the Higher School of Insurance and Finance are many banking, insurance and social insurance companies in Bulgaria. VUZF has signed bilateral agreements with them for cooperation in the field of student scholarships, internships and practical training. Most Bulgarian financial institutions are part of international consortia and holding structures. Bilateral agreements have been drawn up with Bulgarian banking and insurance companies in the field of student practical training under the Erasmus + program. In this regard, we will rely on the assistance of our partners in finding reliable European organizations and companies to guarantee the high quality of student practices.

In addition, a Career Development Center has been set up at VUZF, which will provide information and advice on career planning and finding employment for VUZF students. The Center will play a leading role in organizing student internships under the Program, as follows:

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