Erasmus policy statement

Erasmus policy statement




VUZF Strategy and Objectives in relation to the participation in the Erasmus+ activities and contribution to the modernization of the institution and on the goal of building a European Education Area.

The Higher Institute of Insurance and Finance (VUZF) fully accepts and supports the EU's higher education policy for modernization and internalization and thus contributing to the goals of a European Education Area laid down in the communication on "Strengthening European Identity through Education and Culture" published ahead of the EU Leaders" meeting in Gothenburg on 17 November 2017, as well as supports the Erasmus Charter for Higher Education, recognizing the importance of higher education for economic and social development.

VUZF's mission is to provide high quality education and prepare well-trained professionals that could meet the needs of the national and European labor market. We believe that working with other European universities through joint participation in EU education programs will help us fulfill our mission, improve the quality of education and improve our governance and administration.

VUZF has developed a clear internationalization and modernization strategy as a part of its Institutional development strategy. Some of the main objectives set out in this strategy are:

We believe that the international experience in higher education create high quality academic culture. Owing to that one of our main goals is establishing and developing academic partnerships at national and European level, combined with participation in multilateral projects in partnership with European and international higher education institutions and other organisations.

The VUZF objectives of participation in the programme are as follows:

  1. develop cooperation with partners in other countries in the framework of a VUZF"s strategy for internationalization and modernization;
  2. promote and support student and staff mobility, especially for individuals with fewer opportunities, and further develop non-discrimination policies]
  3. pursue a clear policy towards the development of integrated, transnational teaching activities (joint courses / modules / curricula, double / multiple / joint degrees) and modernising the development of curricula;
  4. give more support to teachers and recognise the importance of, and provide visibility to, the results achieved by VUZF"s staff members engaged in individual mobility or in cooperation projects with strategic partners and removing obstacles to the recognition of qualifications;
  5. take into account the results of internal monitoring of European and international mobility and cooperation activities to date, thus further improving VUZF"s international performance.
  6. drive innovation in education in the digital era and promote internationalization in digital learning;
  7. reinforce strategic cooperation and partnerships, especially for innovations, capacity building and exchanging of good practices.

The full statement can be read HERE