About VUZF

About VUZF

About VUZF



VUZF University is a privately established educational institution, inaugurated by the National Assembly's Resolution dated 25.07.2002 (Published in the "State Newspaper" issue 75/02.08.2002). The university is dedicated to providing education at the Bachelor's and Master's levels within various disciplines of the professional field of "Economics." Additionally, it offers accredited PhD programs. In certain Master's degree programs, collaborative or supplementary training is conducted through partnerships with specific business organizations.

The institutional accreditation granted to VUZF University by the Accreditation Committee of the National Evaluation and Accreditation Agency - NEAA, is documented in Protocol № 11/27.03.2008. Program accreditation for the "Economics" professional field was also obtained from the Standing Committee on Economic Sciences and Management with NEAA, documented in Protocol № 103/09.06.2009, valid for six years.

In May 2014, the institutional accreditation was extended for an additional six years by the Accreditation Committee of NEAA, as recorded in Protocol № 9/08.05.2014. Subsequently, in June 2020, the institutional accreditation was renewed for a five-year period, as per Protocol № 6/11.06.2020.

Furthermore, in April 2016, VUZF received program accreditation for the professional field "Economics" from the Standing Committee on Economic Sciences and Management with NEAA, detailed in Protocol № 6/23.03.2016, valid for six years.

Simultaneously, in April 2016, program accreditation was granted for the doctoral programs "Finance, insurance and social insurance" and "Accounting, control and analysis" within the "Economics" professional field for a duration of five years. This accreditation was conferred by the Standing Committee on Economic Sciences and Management with NEAA, documented in Protocol № 6/23.03.2016.

In 2017, VUZF achieved a second international accreditation from the BRITISH ACCREDITATION COUNCIL, an esteemed member of the European Association for Quality Assurance in Higher Education (ENQA). This accreditation, valid for the maximum period of four years, further attests to the university's commitment to meeting global educational standards.

Mission and Educational Philosophy:

The mission of VUZF University encompasses the preparation of highly qualified specialists in the field of economics, aligning with exemplary educational practices in European and global contexts. The university is dedicated to employing modern methods of theoretical and practical training, fostering adaptability in students for real-world application.

The educational philosophy of VUZF emphasizes the development of economic and financial science to meet the contemporary needs of practice, enhancing competitiveness through innovation and collaborative research with leading institutions globally. This approach aims to contribute to the formulation of economic and financial policies in Bulgaria and the European Union.

Main Strategic Goal:

The overarching strategic goal of VUZF University is to uphold high-quality standards in its activities and instill a sense of high morality in its students, teachers, and staff. To achieve this objective, the university has established specific strategic targets and tasks encompassing the development of educational and research activities, material-technical and informational infrastructure, and staffing.