Visa application and requirements

Visa application and requirements

Visa application and requirements


Upon successful admission (receipt of an offer) by VUZF, a student needs to move on with their visa D application, which consists of three main steps. If the student strictly follows the step-by-step instructions given by VUZF admissions team, the visa application will be smooth and fast.

Preparing the following set of documents

Note: Additional documents listed in this step must be translated, legalized and sent via e-mail and post to VUZF;

Submitting all documents to the Ministry of Education and receiving a certificate by the Ministry of Education. Upon student's request, VUM sends all original documents back to the student.

Registering and attending visa interview

Upon receiving all documents, the students registers for and attends an interview at the closest Bulgarian embassy;

Note: The application for issuing a long-stay visa is submitted only in the diplomatic and consular missions at the permanent place of residence of the applicant or the missions accredited in the state of the applicant's permanent residence. Persons staying legally in a third country, different from the country of their permanent residence, may, as an exception, apply in this third country after explaining the reasons thereof and if their return to the state of permanent residence is guaranteed.

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