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About VUZF


Dr. Plamen Ivanov

Dr. Plamen Ivanov - expert in investment management and financial security management. He has a doctoral thesis "Corporate Security in Financial Structure" at the University of National and World Economy, after her master"s degrees in "Intellectual Property Economics" and "Corporate Security" at the University of National and World Economy. Examines the theoretical manners of management in corporate security, with the main priority being their practical application. He has many years of practical experience in insurance, lending, banking and investment intermediation. Since 2017 he has been a Director of European Brokerage House, a licensed investment intermediary, a member of the Bulgarian Association of Licensed Investment Intermediaries (BALIP). Manages a multinational team located in several countries by creating and implementing policies and standards in managing a successful, profitable investment business for the company as well as for its customers all over the world. Lecturer at VUZF, "Organizational Culture" and "Development of the Organization" disciplines.

Dr. Plamen Ivanov is the author of articles and publications in the field of corporate security, financial security, and is the author of the innovative management approach through the reputation-Intellectual Property-Staff relations. Intimate interest is individual entrepreneurship, personal asset management, and additional personal profitability, personal financial risk management.

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