Discussion Forum: Challenges and prospects for insurance in Bulgaria

Pari newspaper, jointly with the University of Insurance and Finance (VUZF) organizes an event dedicated to the relationship between  business andinsurance. This event aims to provoke a constructive and useful discussion among stakeholders for crystallization and aggregation  of the problems in the field and finding their most accurate and beneficial solution. . Moderator of the event will be Prof. Irena Misheva PhD, Dean of the University of Insurance and Finance. Reports  on the topics will be  given by: Yuri Todorov, as.RadostinVazov,  as. Stanimir Andonov .

 Topics to be discussed at the event are:

1.Direktive Solvency II

2.Introducing the 2%  tax on life insurance policies

3. Car insurance as a motive  power on Bulgarian market

4. Civil liability - problems and prospects of the market for compulsory insurances

5.Insurance of financial risks

The event will be held on September 16th , 2010, 9:30 pm, Grand Hotel Sofia, at  Triaditsa1  hall

To attend the event need to complete your registration form on the site: or contact us by e-mail at or tel: 02 / 848 4395

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