VUZF University and the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (BAN) signed an Agreement for academic partnership

On September 29th 2009 VUZF University, The Bulgarian Academy of Sciences and the Institute of Economics of BAS signed a partnership agreement.

The BAS, the Institute of Economics of BAS, and VUZF University concluded an agreement for joint activities and academic partnership. It is aimed at raising the education quality level offered by these institutions and developing joint scientific research projects.

In a formal meeting at the VUZF University building, the agreement was signed by Academician Nikola Sabotinov, BAS President, Dr. Mitko Dimitrov, Director of the Institute of Economics, and Assoc. Prof. Dr. Grigorii Vazov, Rector of VUZF.

The three institutions will combine experience and creative potential in:
• Joint participation in the preparation and implementation of national and international projects;
• Joint organization of and participation in national and international scientific and educational forums;
• Establishment of research teams in view of implementing joint research and publications.

BAS and VUZF University will cooperate in the preparation and realization of joint programs for education and training of doctoral students in the field of Economics, as well in providing lecturers and in popularizing the programs. This partnership will also be expressed in mutual provision of equipment and exchange of lecture material with the aim of achieving the common goals.


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