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Masters Degree

Business and Digital Transformation ( Blockchain Inoovations, AI & ML )

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Why MA in Business and digital Transformation (Blockchain Inoovations, AI & ML )?

  • You will become the very much desired and demanded job applicant in the contemporary technology firms
  • You will receive a deep and profound knowledge on Blockchain, AI, ML, Internet of Things and others
  • You will have the competitive advantage required when starting your own business or applying for a new job
  • The degree will educate you how the new digital economy works and will do so in the near future.

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The Degree

  • A one of a kind Masters Degree, which no other university in the country offers
  • Only a handful of other EU universities offer similar MA programmes
  • The Degree will reveal the Blockchain, AI and ML revolution.
  • It will affect all aspects of the economy: from banking and healthcare to marketing and music
  • Tech innovations will help us introduce a better business and living environments
  • Blockchain is a new and different reality
  • The Degree will give you a valuable knowledge on a vast new technological realm
  • Our reputed lecturers will help you become the preferred experts of the technology industry

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Nikolay Zhivankin

Nikolay is Head of Quality and Security at Bulpros Consulting JSC. Over the years, he has worked at majour technology companies. Currently he is one of the co-founders and top managers of local technology giant Bulpros. His main focus is cyber and general security as well as QA. For nearly 15 years Nikolay has also been an active financial markets broker. With the rise of the crypto market, he has successfully shifted his attention to that new asset class as well.

Emiliyan Enev

Emiliyan is a digital entrepreneur and co-founder of ReCheck. As a regular speaker at blockchain and business events he advocates the potential of emerging technologies to create new business models. He is in the boards of several organisations committed to supporting early stage innovative companies. With ReCheck Emiliyan is determined to contribute to the practical application of the blockchain technology as a means of transparent environment for secure transactions. He has launched successfully several new projects in the last 5 years - a platform for mobile marketing, a co-working space and initiative for national hackathons. Emiliyan is winner in the competition App Challenge 2.0 organised by UniCredit Bulbank and winner in the competition The Outstanding Young Persons of Bulgaria 2018 organised by JCI.

Velimir Petkov

is an experienced lecturer and trader in the currency markets. He has 9 years of experience as a trader and 6 years as a lecturer, training more than 1800 people in sales and trading. One of the pioneers of blockchain and crypto in Bulgaria, having entered this industry back in 2014. A former sales Manager and lecturer at the global brand Point of Profit, where he trained more than 300 people. Venimir's experience is not limited to trading, he develops business strategies, trading strategies, which he teaches personally and participates in many projects as a consultant or directly as an investor. His main focus is on: currency, crypto, stock and commodity markets.

Radoy Stoyanov

Radoy is part of the top management of Bulpros, a large international technology firm. He has nearly 20 years of managerial work experience: from project management to software engineering and consultancy. His main focus have always been the financial and IT industries. Radoy has an unique approach, which wisely combines the business aspect with the technological knowledge. He is a proven innovator. He has achieved success in optimizing the financial costs as well as the company processes, which has led to e batter quality of the serices offered and more satisfied clients.


Alexander Zahariev

Alexander Zahariev is a Senior Financial Analyst in Software group. He has more than 7 years professional experience in various roles within finance. Prior to SG he has been an operation financist within PPD, as well as audit and consulting services in Grant Thornton. Outside of his professional field Alexander is passionate about IT, business innovations and blockchain technologies. He also delivers trainings on blockchain and digital assets within SG, as well as promoting their adoption in the company"s solutions.