About VUZF

About VUZF


Prof. Dr. Roumen Trifonov

Prof. Dr. Roumen Trifonov is Head at VUZF-Lab"s "Information and Communication Technologies" Research Department and lecturer of Informatics in Higher School of Insurance and Finance /VUZF/. His main research interests cover the fields of information systems, information security, electronic governance, electronic business, artificial intelligence, machine learning. He participate actively in different professional and non-government organizations like John Atanasoff Union of Automation and Informatics at Federation of the scientific engineering unions; Bulgarian Research and Education Network; Academic Society of Computer Systems and Information Technologies. During his carееr occupied positions in state administration like director of Science department at Ministry of education and science, advisor to Chairman of state agency for information technologies and communications, director of Coordination center for information, communication and management technologies at Council of Ministers, advisor to Minister of state administration. He specialized in United Kingdom, Germany, France, Estonia, USA, South Korea, Taiwan. He has been engaged in some state projects of electronic government. Before joining VUZF, Prof. Trifonov is a lecturer at Technical University of Sofia where he received his doctoral degree in computer science.

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