PhD information

PhD information

PhD information

Main steps of PhD Candidate and PhD studies in VUZF University:

  1. Application for PhD Candidate studies (optional)
  2. Determination of preliminary research topic and scientific adviser (if the PhD Candidate is accepted)
  3. Preliminary theoretical preparation of the PhD Candidate
  4. Preliminary practical preparation of the PhD Candidate
  5. 4. Doctoral exams for PhD Candidates (optional 2 exams out of 3)
  6. Work on the preliminary topic of the dissertation (for PhD Candidates) and preparation of a considerable part of the future dissertation (compulsory to finish PhD Candidate studies)

Items 1-5 are optional

  1. Application for PhD studies (submission of a considerable part of the future dissertation needed)
  2. Discussion on the submitted part of the future dissertation
  3. Determination of the research topic and scientific mentor
  4. Elaboration of a research plan
  5. Examination of reference sources
  6. Collection and treatment of empirical information
  7. Doctoral exams (not necessary if some are taken during the PhD Candidate studies)
  8. Preparation of scientific publications (at least 1 in a scientific journal out of 3 at least)
  9. Elaboration of the dissertation
  10. Lay-out of the dissertation
  11. Discussion of the dissertation
  12. Organization of a preliminary and official defense of the dissertation

The details are available on

Usually, PhD dissertations are not published separately. At least 6 printed and bound copies should be prepared. The volume should be 150 pages minimum, format A4, 12 pts. Times New Roman, 1,15 spacing.

A PhD dissertation should be accompanied by а concise variant of the dissertation, about 15-20 copies, 24-40 pages, format A5, 12 pts. Times New Roman, 1,15 spacing.

The following requirements are needed for the appointment of a preliminary defense:

  1. Three exams:
    • - on two basic disciplines - "Economics" and "Methodology and Methods of Research", which are the same for all doctoral programs and forms of PhD studies;
    • - on one eligible discipline out of several proposed for the corresponding PhD program or on one specialization discipline, connected with the topic of the dissertation.

Each exam consists of a written and an oral part and is taken in the presence of a examination commission in a way that has been agreed with the corresponding lecturer depending on the form of the PhD studies.

  1. Three research papers containing the most important parts of the PhD dissertation. At least one of these papers should be published in a scientific journal, the other two could be in proceedings of scientific conferences or in other scientific collections. VUZF University edits several journals and the one which is suitable for the purpose is VUZF Review.

The dissertation, the exams and the publications could be in English.

After a successful official defense of the dissertation in the presence of a Scientific Jury, the "PhD educational and scientific degree" in professional domain 3.8. Economics is conferred on the PhD student.

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